Xinhai gold processing equipment

Since established in 1997, Xinhai always be at the forefront of the global gold industry, who has been committed to the research and development of cyanide gold process, technology and equipment, after 20 years of research, Xinhai has formed a set of efficient, environmental, energy-saving and economic Xinhai gold processing equipment.


Xinhai Gold Pre-separating Operation -- Crushing


Using exogenic process to break up large pieces of gold ore, which overcome their internal intermolecular force and gradually reduce gold ore granularity until to a certain size, which can provide appropriate particle size of gold ore for separating operation. The quality of crushing directly affects gold extracting technology and economic indicators.

【Main Equipment】:


Xinhai Gold Pre-separating Operation -- Screening


Using screen to divide gold ore into several levels according to the particle size, then screening the fine particle of the gold ore from feeding, which increase the productivity of Xinhai crusher and avoid over crushing problem.

【Main Equipment】:


Xinhai Gold Pre-separating Operation -- Grinding


Grinding is the next step of mill process, and is the last process before the separation operation. To make the gold ore achieve individual separation completely or basically, at the same time, as far as possible to avoid over grinding, provide gold ore pulp with appropriate particle size and concentration for separation operation, creating better conditions for gold recovery.

【Main Equipment】:


Xinhai Gold Pre-separating Operation -- Classifying


Separating standard fine grain before gold ore is sent to the grinder. Then separate the rough grain from ore discharge of grinder, then return to the grinder. Classification can separate the standard gold grain from the grinder discharging in time, avoiding needless grinding, and send to separate operation early.

【Main Equipment】:

Xinhai Gold separating Operation --
Cyanide Leaching Process 丨Flotation Process丨Magnetite Separation Process

Xinhai Gold Cyanide Leaching Process

Xinhai Gold Cyanide Leaching Process

——Applied to flotation gold concentrate, large gold processing plant, and the gold processing plant with much more associated silver and copper

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then after add Xinhai special activated carbon to achieve counter current absorption, gold loaded carbon passed by desorption electrolysis system and get gold mud after electric shocks, then gold loaded carbon carry on recycling operations, finally leach the pulp and get gold concentrate.

【Main Equipment】:

Xinhai Gold Flotation Process

Xinhai Gold Flotation Process

——Applied to vein gold deposit, gold-bearing sulfide ore

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then sent to Xinhai flotation cell for gold flotation process, finally get the gold concentrate after thickening and dewatering.

【Main Equipment】:

Xinhai Gold Gravity Separation Process

Xinhai Gold Gravity Separation Process

——Applied to gravel mine, often combines with Xinhai other ore dressing process

After crushing and screening, grinding and classifying, gold ore is sent to agitation tank for pulp stirring, then sent to Xinhai jig, shaking table or mixing equipment for gold gravity separation process, finally get the gold concentrate after thickening and dewatering.

【Main Equipment】:


Xinhai Gold After-separating Operation--Thickening


The gold ore particles are deposited from the pulp by gravity or centrifugal force, which can concentrate the tailings pulp and recycle some water as recycle water; And it can also be used as gold concentrate dewatering before filtering, improving the grade of gold concentrate and filter effect.

【Main Equipment】:


Xinhai Gold After-separating Operation -- Dewatering


Filtering is the next step of thickening, it relies on filtering medium (filter cloth) and pressure difference to make gold ore pulp achieve solid-liquid separation in porous filter medium (such as filter cloth), and make the concentrations of gold concentrate and tailings reach standard. For example, gold concentrate moisture can be reduced from 45-60% to 10-18%.

【Main Equipment】:

Class B Design Qualification, 20 Years of Gold Processing Experiences

Xinhai has make Class B design Qualification, set up mine design institute and mineral processing research institute, more than 200 professionals provide the technical support service for gold processing plant, Since its establishment 20 years, Xinhai has been committed to gold processing service the development and innovation of equipment, and has formed the complete gold processing system. Xinhai concentrates on providing the Turnkey Solution for Mineral Processing Plant that is research and design- complete equipment manufacturing and procurement- commissioning and delivery”, striving for building the international leading enterprise in gold processing plant industry.

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EU Certification International Quality

"Create a global brand, based on global gold markets " has been one of the strategic thought of Xinhai, depending on its professional gold processing service, Xinhai has got the EU certification, and ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification as early as in 2008, Xinhai is classified as the assured brand with advanced products and standard quality!

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112 patents technologies, more than 500 mineral processing plants in the world

Xinhai currently has 112 patents technologies, the gold dressing plant projects spread among China, Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Iran, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea and other places, and Xinhai has established offices around the world.

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