Centrifugal Concentrator

Centrifugal Concentrator

Centrifugal separator is a equipment for gravity separation.



Product Improvement

The centrifugal separator creates large centrifugal force through high speed rotating, which strongthen gravity separation process. The micro fineness minerals can be recoveried more efficitively.

♦  Advantages

Large centrifugal force, lower limitation of recovery fineness

Large capacity and high concentrating rate

Reducing the investment of operation, and reducing the consumption of water and electricity

High degree of automation and easy to operate

♦  Work Principle

The principle of centrifugal separator is that, it rotates in high speed through with a certain convolution through the barrate on it, during this period, the pulp rotates with the barrate. The heavy minerals sink to the inner wall of barrate by centrifugal force and rotates with the barrate. Due to a certain differential velocity, the lighter minerals turn to the discharge end with the barrate as tailings.

After the tailings are discharged, the dischaging separator would automatically detach from normal position and prepare to intercept concentrates. Then the washing valve opens automaticly by high pressure. High-pressure flushing water will wash down the concentrates deposited on the inner wall of the barrate. After the concentrates are washed, the high-pressure water valve will automatically close. After the concentrates are drained, the ore distributor and ore feeder will automatically reset and start the next sorting cycle.

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