Linear vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen
Product introduction

A vibrating screen that screen box takes reciprocating movement along the directional linear, is used for fine screening.



Product improvement

Screen angle is adjustable

Vibrating motor as vibration exciter, low energy consumption

♦  Advantages

Small motor power, only 1/4-1/5 of other screen

High screen efficiency

Adjustable screen angle

Transferring the small load to base do not need special treatment

Screen mesh is made of wear-resistant rubber with long service life

♦  Working principle

When linear vibrating screen works, the two motor reversely placed synchronously generate reverse force, which forces the screen body do the vertical motion. The materials on vibrating screen under the exciting force are periodically thrown forward to finish screening.

Linear vibrating screen is applied in dewatering, de-mud, de-liquid and de-heavy medium

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