External Filtration Type Drum Filter

External Filtration Type Drum Filter
Product Introduction

A traditional external filtration type vacuum filter

Filtering Area


Product Improvement

Revolution of cylinder is stepless adjustment

♦ Advantages

Cylindrical external filtration type filter is normal filter realizing stepless speed change by adjusting the motor revolution.It has the advantages of simple structure, low price, convenient operation, little wearing parts etc..

♦  Product Structure

External filtration type drum vacuum filter consists of cylinder, transmission structure, allocation head, main shaft, agitation device, slurry tank, scraper and coiling device etc.

1. Left and right allocation head 2.Piping;3.Cylinder;4.Scraper;5. Main bearings;6.Slurry tank;7. Agitation device;8Transmission structure

♦ Work Principle

The cylinder is main part of filter. The large size cylinder is made of welded steel plate, the small size made of cast cylinder, and some old-fashioned filter cylinder made of thick wood. The filter cylinder is divided to some filtering chambers by strip along the circumferential direction. These chambers are strictly sealed without ventilation between each other. Filter plate is laid on filter chamber forming a channel for filtrate and supporting filter cloth.

The cylinder is wrapped in filter cloth in order to ensure the sealing between each chamber.

There is a pipe at one end of the cylinder body which has the same number of channels with chambers.Each channel connects with corresponding filter chamber. The transmission mechanism drives the cylinder, and could transform several speeds.

♦ Product Application

Mainly used for filtering fine particles, the products with low moisture containing nonferrous metal and non metal concentrate and flotation coal concentrate dewatering, etc., it can also be used for solid - liquid separation in mineral processing, metallurgy, chemical industry, papermaking and other departments.

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