The Attentions of Ball Mill Grinder Installation and Commission

The Attentions of Ball Mill Grinder Installation and Commission

Ball mill grinder is the essential equipment in mineral processing plant, which is also the key equipment in the whole mineral processing plant construction. Therefore the stable operation of ball mill is essential. However, before the official putting into operation, the commission of ball mill grinders is important. A little mistake would lead to the unqualified particle size in products, even reducing the metal recovery rate. How to carry out the commission of ball mill grinders? In this passage, we will introduce you to the process of ball mill grinder commission.

Ball mill grinder commission should affirm whether it is satisfied the conditions of commission. Running empty and load running to check the equipment status from different aspects.

1.Check whether ball mill grinder satisfying the below conditions.

Ball mill grinder installation accomplishment according to the paper, to ensure all the components are at the right position. The complete installation process should be recorded and acceptance passed.

Equipment base concrete strength and secondary grouting concrete strength are up to the strength level of design requirement.

The PLC controlling system, thermometer, and pressure gauge of ball mill grinder can be used reliably.

The grouped equipment of ball mill grinder installation is accomplished. The grinding workshop system is complete.

The surrounding environment of equipment is without sundries and scaffolding removal.

Ensuring the waterpower, electric power, and communication facilities are complete.

Ensuring the channel leveling, which is convenient for operators getting through.

Ensuring the surrounding environment without flammable and explosive materials and accident risks. The responsible fire facilities should be equipped. Beware of accidents.

Ensuring that the lubrication of ball mill is enough.


2.The check before ball mill grinder commission

The check should be meticulous. The equipment should be under good condition. The details are as follows:

The sector block and bearing shell of the lower bearing seat should be aligned with the centerline. The large and small gears should be revised according to specifications.

The sector block of lower bearing seat, baseboard of small gear, the main gear bottom frame and motor bottom frame are completely grouted. The grouting strength satisfies the designed requirement.

All the stone bolts, connecting bolts, and compression bolts of main gear should be fastened. The fixing blots of large gear should be fastened according to the stated torque.

The bush should be installed on the sector block of lower bearing seat according to the rotation direction of ball mill. The bush should be revised according to the axial guide ring. The bearing seat seal should be installed correctly. The junction should be sealed by a sealant.

All the lubrication points of ball mill should be lubricated enough according to the requirement. The lubricating oil station, bearing, reducer and motor lighting are all right.

Pipe and tube are installed completely according to the correct order and equipped with the specification. All the pipes have no blockage. The inlet and outlet hopper connections are well sealed.

Ensuring that all the monitoring equipment are well-connected. The flow monitor, pressure switch and temperature sensor are set well. Oil pressure gauge, thermometer, accident button and interlocking device instructions are reliable.

The tools need to be prepared in advance: thermometer, vibration table, JT-TLD, interphone, and the record chart of test running.


3.Empty running of ball mill grinder

The ball mill grinder should empty run over 2 hours first. During this period, the motor rotation direction should be correct and the accident button should be reliable to ensure the safety.

If the motor operates normally in empty running, it should empty run with reducer for 2 hours.

Connecting with reducer and pinion coupling, and installing protecting mask. Start the lubricating oil system and cooling water system. Turn on the power of the ball mill, press the accident button to stop it, and check the main bearing, motor, and gears to determine whether the direction of rotation of the ball mill is correct. If there is no abnormality, start the ball mill to run for 8 hours.

When running empty, if the lubricating oil system is working normally and there is no oil leakage. The ball mill runs smoothly and there is no obvious noise. The vibration value of the main bearing, motor, and pinion does not exceed 0.1mm, and there is no obvious damage or hot phenomenon to all parts. The empty vehicle runs normally.


4.Test running of ball mill grinder with load

According to the ratio of ball mill, a certain amount of steel balls are added into the cylinder of ball mill grinder. Steel balls are added in batches. During operation, measure bearing temperature, current, and vibration intensity everywhere. After the installation of the ball mill is completed, start to run with load, add 70% of the specified load into the grinding material, and continue to run for more than 10 hours. During this process, the liner bolt joint should be fastened and check the bolt connection frequently to prevent the loosen.

During running with load, the ball mill grinder should satisfy the following requirements. The vibration of each part does not exceed 0.1mm; The current of the motor has no abnormal fluctuations; The running process is stable; The noise is small; The connecting bolts are tight, and the cylinder has good sealing.

The above is the whole installation and commission process of ball mill grinder. Xinhai Mining established the commission operation management service center to ensure the correct and favourable installation. Xinhai Mining insists on the service idea “professional attitude wins the trusts of clients”, helping clients to resolve problems and free from worries.