Copper and Molybdenum Flotation Process

Copper and Molybdenum Flotation Process

Copper and  molybdenum are accompanying minerals. Almost over 20 percent molybdenum is  recovered from copper and molybdenum. Copper and molybdenum ore, which are  mainly copper ore, is existed as porphyry copper with high recovery value and  low grade of molybdenum (0.01~0.1%). Copper in copper and molybdenum is existed  mainly as CuFeS2, Cu2S, while molybdenum is existed as MoS2.  Copper and molybdenum include preferential flotation, part combined  flotation and combined flotation.

Preferential  flotation contains two processes: one is concentrate molybdenum first, while  another is concentrate copper first. There are some shortcomings of  preferential flotation: copper and molybdenum is hard to reactivated, flotation  process is complex, flotation index is worse, and process cost is high. Copper  and molybdenum flotation process is commonly used for copper and molybdenum ore  with pretty high grade, while it's rarely adopted in industrial production.

In part combined  flotation process, molybdenum with high floatability will be concentrated  first, and then copper and molybdenum combined concentrate are concentrated  together. Copper and molybdenum will be separated at the last stage. Separation  difficulty and process cost of copper and molybdenum is decreased in this  process. This process is appropriate for the molybdenum of high grade.

Copper and  molybdenum combined concentrate are recovered firstly in the combined flotation  process. Copper and molybdenum will be separated in the following stage. This  flotation process is low in cost, of less middling and easy to control and  maintenance, which is proper for the copper and molybdenum ore with low grade.  Combined flotation process is the most commonly used process. However, copper  and molybdenum should be took off reagent before separate, for the redundant  reagent is harmful to the copper and molybdenum separation.

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