Xinhai Screening Equipment

Xinhai Screening Equipment

Xinhai Screening Equipment

Control qualified product Improve crushing efficiency


Research shows that mining screens has the greatest influence on screening technology index in the whole screening process, which is up to 50%.

The technical level and quality of mineral screening will directly affect the screening effect and economic benefit. So, it becomes a trend for screening industry to develop high-efficient and reliable screening equipment now.

screening research

Factors affecting screening efficiency

  • Material property 15%
  • Operational aspect 25%
  • Screening equipment 60%

Xinhai Screening Equipment

As an excellent mining screen equipment manufacturer, Xinhai is committed to providing high-quality screening equipment and comprehensive technical support. Besides, Xinhai can customize matching screening equipment according to the actual circumstance, and improve various models to meet the requirements of more than 70 kinds of minerals, such as gold, silver, iron, copper.

Round Vibrating Screen

Round Vibrating Screen

Multiple layers, strong exciting force

  • Eccentric shaft and eccentric block type vibrator with smooth operation;
  • Low-stress damping spring with low noise;
  • Large clearance bearings with low operating temperature and long service life;
  • Ring groove rivets and block type screen box, strong and durable;
  • Equipped with Xinhai wear-resistant screen mesh, avoids the locking of mesh;

【Application】: Material classifying in ore dressing, building, electricity and chemical industry, as well as dewatering, desliming, de-medium.

Auto Centering Vibrating Screen

Auto Centering Vibrating Screen

Self-developed equipment with utility patent, high screening efficiency

  • Two types of vibrating screen: seat type and hanging type;
  • Xinhai wear-resistant screen mesh, whose service life is 3-10 times longer than steel’s, 2 times than PU’s;
  • High-elastic and wear-resistant rubber spring, easy to maintain;
  • Sieve material has good loose and layering effect;
  • The counterweight and amplitude of screen can be adjusted according to production requirement;

【Application】: Almostly used in medium and fine screening in mine, metallurgy, building and chemical fields.

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

Steady vibration-type, low energy consumption, high screening accuracy

  • Using vibrating motor as vibration exciter, low energy consumption, small motor power, only 1/4-1/5 of other screens;
  • Adjustable screen angle;
  • Transferring the small load to base, do not need special treatment;
  • Fully enclosed structure, automatic discharge;
  • Steel plate welds the screen body with good rigidity, solid and reliable;

【Application】: Used in fine screening and dense medium removal.

Classic Case

Zimbabwe 700tppd Gold Ore Dressing Project


In 2015, Xinhai undertook Zimbabwe 700tppd gold ore dressing project. In the crushing and screening stage, Xinhai decided to adopt two stage a closed circuit crushing and screening process. The screen process was composed of two round vibrating screens. The specific types were as follows:

Type Specification
Finished Size
Screening Efficiency
YAH1548 30~150 200-780 20-0 94.65% Prescreening
YAH1842 30~150 450-800 20-0 90.0% Check Screening
Type YAH1548 YAH1842
30~150 30~150
Processing Capacity
200-780 450-800
Finished Size
20-0 20-0
Screening Efficiency
94.65% 90.0%
Notes Prescreening Check Screening
Practical Results
Efficiency of prescreening: 94.65% ◆ Increased 10% cruhsher's productivity;
◆ Effectively prevented overcrushing phenomenon;
◆ Reduced equipment wear and consumption.
Efficiency of check screening: 90.0% ◆ Ensured the particle size of final crushing product;
◆ Avoided the impact of unstable particle size;
◆ Saved our customers nearly 5% production cost.


"Innovation Witnesses the Unceasing Development"

  • Screening Experience
    Screening Experience 20 Years of Screening Experience

    Xinhai focuses on mine screening over 20 years, who has a deep understanding of screening process. It also has a long-term accumulation of screening experience and customizes the best screening process for every mine.

  • Innovative Power
    Innovative Power Strong Innovative Power

    Xinhai not only obtained European international quality certification, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, but also won many national invention patents, which revealed its leading position in the screening field.

  • Customer Service
    Customer Service Considerate Customer Service

    Besides its technical power, Xinhai never forget to promote our soft power. From pre-sales to after-sale, Xinhai tries its best to solve customer problems, such as equipment selection, design optimization, technical support.